The Dallas City Council adopted and incorporated the Valley View-Galleria Area plan into the city’s forwardDallas! Comprehensive Plan May 22.

Tomorrow, June 12, the City Council will vote to approve a thoroughfare amendment plan and form-based zoning for the entire 430 acres known as Dallas Midtown.

By clicking on this link you’ll be brought to the specific agenda (it’s item no. 72, page 858), where you can learn specifically about what the City Council will vote on.

An example from the document is the staff will recommend to:

Change the dimensional classification of Montfort Road from Spring Valley Road to LBJ Freeway from a six lane divided roadway within 90 feet right-of-way to a special six lane divided roadway with bicycle lanes within 117 feet of right-of-way, 92 feet of pavement.

A few property owners’ representatives are worried that when the streets are extended, as laid out in the plan, some owners on Alpha and other streets fear widening of the streets will take up their frontage and turn them into non-conforming use, District 12 Councilwoman Sandy Greyson said in a previous post.

Extra information regarding the zoning and adopted area plan is also available here.

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