1000110_1426941194202890_738245760_nA new project aims to build up more pride in our neighborhood public schools.

Louisa Meyer, a neighborhood resident and Dallas ISD volunteer, has launched the “I will graduate” campaign to outfit every elementary student in the district with a t-shirt promoting the DISD high school they’ll attend along with their graduation date.

So, for example, a Withers Elementary kindergarten student would wear a t-shirt promoting W.T. White High School and the year 2026.

It’s similar to way we instill college pride in children at a young age. Meyer says her sons sported SMU gear since birth and were already attending related events in kindergarten.

1459716_1426987640864912_1958714970_n“But too many in Dallas ISD do not have that advantage,” she says. “Dallas ISD also has a 30 percent mobility rate of children who change schools, something that clearly interrupts learning.”

She hopes these t-shirts can help change that. She says local philanthropist Todd Williams has already signed on as the first sponsor. Colleges and universities can sponsor the project and be listed on the backs of the t-shirts, so the shirts promote not only high school graduation, but college as well.

The goal? Place one of 22 high school shirts on all DISD elementary school students. That’s 40,000 shirts and adds up to $165,000 that’s needed in sponsorships.

You can find out more on the Facebook page and watch the video below. Go here to donate or become a sponsor.