Two men claiming to be contractors for the city of Dallas burglarized a home June 22 at 10909 Candlelight Lane while a mother and son were present.

The Northaven Park Neighborhood Association crime watch reported the son was working by the home’s garage when a black pickup truck pulled up and one Latino male got out. The suspect allegedly told the son that he and his partner were contracted by the city to cut down and trim trees damaged in recent storms.

While the son took the first suspect into the alleyway near the house to look at trees, the second suspect entered the home through the garage. He asked the woman for a cup of warm water to facilitate digging holes in the alleyway. While the woman got the water, he allegedly moved around the house and stole a considerable amount of valuable jewelry.

The two suspects then left the property.

The Dallas Police investigation into the reported is suspended, according to city records.

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