Photo courtesy of James Steinkamp Photography.

Sometimes you need a lot of good news to make it through the day.

Neighbor John Campbell of Hillcrest Forest shared on NextDoor that his partially disabled mother-in-law fell and he was not strong enough to help her up. “We tried everything and then agreed to call 911,” he said. “I had no choice, even though I knew this might be very expensive.”

He said a fire truck pulled up within five minutes and three men came in the house. “One lifted the dear woman like it was nothing,” Campbell said. When she asked how much she owed them, one of the firefighters laughed and then the saviors drove off. “I was shocked,” he said. “I’ve never seen this. This was public service at its best.”

In response, commenters have shared the fact that neighbors bring steak, sweets and food to various fire stations.

Rebecca Brown shared this on NextDoor: “Firemen always came quick to help my dad get up after a fall. They are amazing! When I think about it, I usually take sweets to the Preston Royal station and they are super appreciative.”

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