Photography courtesy of Preservation Dallas.

If you were disappointed when the 2019 Fall Architectural Tour cancelled a look at the 8,800-square-foot Lobello house due to construction issues, here’s a second chance to see the home on March 7, 10 a.m.-1 p.m. Those who purchased a Fall Tour ticket can check out the home for free but you must register here before the event. Preservation Dallas members who did not purchase a ticket to the fall tour can see the home for $10 and the general public can purchase tickets for $20.

The home, at 5106 Springmeadow Drive, was designed in 1962 by Charles Dilbeck for developer Sam Lobello, Jr. and his wife Margaret. The house was destroyed by fire in 2016, then rebuilt using Dilbeck’s original plans by the current owners, Mike and Stacy Geisler. Here’s a description of the residence by Preservation Dallas organizers: “Rough stone walls come all the way up the window sills, allowing just enough light into the rooms while still providing privacy from the street. The wood shake gabled roof, broad beams and stone supports emphasize the home’s size and structure and are reminiscent of the rustic park architecture built in this country after 1900… One of the homes most notable features is the living room ceiling whose shallow lapping boards create a geometric pattern emphasizing the horizontal lines of the ranch house.”

Note: Organizers ask that you not park on the cul-de-sac, but across Inwood Road on Royal Crest Drive, Springmeadow Drive and Castlewood Road.