Mark Cuban and Snoop Dogg on “2021 and Done.”

Kevin Hart and Snoop Dogg got together to reflect on 2021. And our neighbor Mark Cuban joined them.

The duo talked with Cuban and several other celebrities in the “2021 and Done” special, streaming now on Peacock.

In the show, Hart and Snoop Dogg review and comment on some of the biggest moments of the year with William Shatner, Michael Strahan, Loni Love and more.

When asked what his highlight of the year was, Cuban said it was getting the COVID-19 vaccine.

“With all the stress everybody has had and all the battles over it, just being able to have a little bit of confidence that at least for some period of time, myself and my family were protected,” he said.

Hart also asked Cuban if he, as a billionaire, would be launching into space soon. Cuban answered with a resounding no, and he wouldn’t even ride a rollercoaster.

The hosts also talked with the Mavericks owner about the strangest pitches on Shark Tank, the economy and of course, basketball.

Cuban’s prediction for the 2022 NBA Final: “Dallas Mavericks versus I don’t care.”