What extracurricular activities are you involved in?

In middle school, I was in band, Junior Honor Society, debate, basketball and robotics. In high school I am involved with basketball, National Honor Society, Boy Scouts of America, and I was in percussion/band.

What was your favorite class?

Probably my favorite class was AP Human Geography because I learned so much about other cultures, countries and how they interact. The class was taught in an engaging way. But I have honestly loved most of my classes at Hillcrest.

Where would you go to grab an after-school snack?

My mom works at the school. I usually ask her what snacks she has that she can share with me.

What was one challenge you faced at school this year, and how did you deal with it?

I dealt with overthinking in my classes out of the fear of failure, which affected me in class. I dealt with it by realizing if I think I’m going to fail, I will fail, and failure is needed to grow myself. 

Tell us about something you did this year that you’re proud of.

This year I earned my Eagle Scout, which is the highest achievement in Boy Scouts. For my Eagle rank, I had to complete an Eagle Scout project. My project was me leading a group of volunteers to build two custom, wooden guitar racks for Degolyer Elementary’s music program in DISD. Also, I’m proud that I was accepted into the Honors College at Texas State.

Which teacher, staff member or coach impacted you the most this year, and how?  

I would say Principal Sotelo has had the most impact on me because he has been there since my first day at Hillcrest. He has been someone I can talk to and someone I can look up to because of his character he utilizes to make Hillcrest a great school. But all of the adults at Hillcrest have been amazing people and I’ve made sure that I take in all lessons I can from them.

What are your plans for this summer?

I plan on enjoying time with my family and friends, but will also be preparing for college by going to camps at Texas State, to meet new people and learn more about being a student there.

What’s your dream job?

Physical therapist

What are you most excited about for next year?

I’m most excited about starting the first step to being an adult and starting my schooling toward being a physical therapist.

What’s a goal you have? How do you plan on achieving it?

One of my goals is to get accepted into Texas State’s graduate school in Round Rock. I plan on achieving this by taking advantage of on-campus resources like tutoring, Living Learning Communities and more.

What’s something you wish we asked you about?

What’s a lesson you have learned this year that you think will prepare you for life?

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