Goff’s burger

Sonny Bryan’s is one of the oldest restaurants in Dallas, according to this list compiled by the Dallas Morning News.

It’s only been open since 1958, but the Bryan family’s restaurants date back to 1910.

Even though the BBQ joint is on the other side of the Medical District, it’s close enough to provide a quick dose of old-timey Texas authenticity.

Goff’s Hamburgers in University Park opened in 1950, the same year as the Old Warsaw, Campisi’s and Keller’s Drive-In, according to the list.

Tupinamba Cafe opened in 1953, according to the list, although the Advocate once placed its origins in 1947 Oak Cliff.

Cindi’s matzo ball soup

Cindi’s NY Deli started in 1954 as Phil’s Delicatessen and Restaurant in Plano, according to the list.

Dunston’s Steakhouse, formerly Gene’s Wheel In, opened in 1955.

Pizza Gianna also makes the list with the FKAs Pizza by Marco and My Family’s Pizza.

North Dallas has our city’s old-school po’boy shop, Antoine’s Foods, which opened in 1962.

But Preston Hollow boasts one of Dallas’ oldest bars, Inwood Tavern, which opened in 1964.

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