It’s getting to be that time of the year when the weather heats up and it’s time to consider what you’ll do with the garden this year.

If you’re like me, you’re no doubt getting that Tom Sawyer-esque “it sure looks fun to grow plants and vegetables in the yard,” as you try to convince yourself it will be different this year. It won’t be as bad. You’re more experienced. THIS time, you’ll keep the plants alive.

If you’re that guy [or gal] — or even if you’re an old hand at gardening — the Dallas County Master Gardener Association wants your money. For the group’s spring fundraiser, they are selling one-gallon Earth-Kind rose bushes for $12, or $10 if you buy three or more. These things run as much as $30 at your average nursery.

Earth-Kind roses are a special breed of roses that are heat tolerant and drought resistant, and most importantly, hard to kill. There are a variety of colors and levels of fragrance, and all are certified Earth-Kind by the Texas A&M University AgriLife Extension on Coit Road in Far North Dallas, just before the Bush Turnpike.

The Master Gardeners are a group of volunteer gardeners who provide gardening-related community service projects like the water-wise garden exhibit in front of the Bath House Cultural Center at White Rock Lake and a variety of informational sessions for brown thumbs like me. Volunteers also staff and run a gardening help center at the AgriLife Extension. Participation and membership requires extensive training and a commitment to contributing to the greater gardening good in North Texas with hours of volunteer service.

The deadline to order your roses is March 26, and they’ll be ready to pick up on April 1 and 2.

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