Courtesy of the North Dallas Chamber of Commerce Facebook page

At the North Dallas Chamber of Commerce, in a new building on Preston Road, innovative leaders assemble for its nonprofit cause to improve life in North Dallas.

On slow days, rescue dog Elliot, Miss Murphy and Dudley take over, calling their own meeting to order. There is a quorum. The pups vocalize — especially Dudley. Where are “Robert’s Rules of Order” when you need them?

Megan McQuery, the owner of Elliot and Miss Murphy, corral them around the chamber’s conference room, but the dogs prefer the architecturally comfy chairs in the hall. The dogs have a lot of opinions about the photo shoot. Miss Murphy barks for a snack. Most prefer ice. Dudley, owned by Jeff Kitner, Chief Operating Officer of North Dallas Chamber of Commerce, is on a carrot regimen.

Among the cacophony and between shoots, Kitner shouts, “Dudley, this is not your business.” He whispers, “Dudley is a handful.”

But when no one is looking, Dudley pees on the new carpet and Miss Murphy poops. Miss Murphy also drinks water from the bottom of the potted plants. Owners are quick with sanitizing spray and wipes.

“We have guests show up announced and unannounced as well,” Kitner says. “Everyone seems to enjoy the dogs.”

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