The Bracco is a frozen cocktail mix of Aperol, gin and freshly squeezed grapefruits served in a low-ball glass.

“No water or ice added… just the good stuff,” says il Bracco Partner Matt Gottlieb. The drink is an Italian take on a Greyhound, and the restaurant sells about 60 Braccos a day.

“It’s a perfect mixture of sweet and bitter with an incredibly fresh and clean taste to it. The balance of the gin, Aperol and fresh fruit make for a fabulously balanced cocktail,” Gottlieb says.

“Our guests come to us for the Braccos on a good day, bad day or just any day,” Gottlieb says. “It makes people happy.”

The Bracco costs $15.



This wine is one of the most popular white wines sold at the Woodlands American Grill. The wine is buttery and textured, with hints of mango, honeydew

and toasted almonds.

“It’s from the Russian River Valley, which has long been a very popular appellation for this neighborhood,” says Manager Drew Wells. Raymond Reserve has been on the wine list for nine years.

“Stick with what sells,” says Wells.

Glass: $15 Bottle: $58.

JCB NO. 69

JCB No. 69 is a brut rosé. The flavor is dry, and the Jean-Charles Boisset website describes it as “flamboyant, sensual and vibrant.”

“People want to have something a little bit more, especially now, you know, something a little bit more uplifting and excited, and the bubbles just add a little bit more interest to it,” Wells says.

Glass: $14 Bottle: $54.


For some vendors, cabernets are one of the bestsellers this year.

“It’s ironic because when it’s hot, you want something like white and more refreshing,” says Wells.

Austin Hope comes from the Paso Robles region in California. The cabernet’s flavor is a mix of caramel, light vanilla oak and blackberry mousse, making it a rich and balanced drink.

“This neighborhood recognizes a great glass of wine when they taste it,” says Wells.

Glass: $16 Bottle: $60.